Wels Catfish

Wels Catfish

If you enjoy physically demanding fishing and a good dose of adrenaline, then the Wels Catfish is the right choice for you. Adventurers from around the world are attracted to it mainly because it is one of the world's greatest fighting fish, and should not be omitted from any sports fisherman's photo album. The Wels (Silurus glanis), is one of the outstanding species of catfish in the world and is the largest freshwater fish in Europe.

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Catches of the Wels (Silurus glanis) are recorded up to 100 kgs and lengths of 2.5 mtrs, however, this species is likely to attain weights of 200 kgs and measure up to 3 mtrs long.

For this fish, we focus on the territories of Russia, Kazakhstan, Spain, Italy, France and the Czech Republic. There you will have the best chance to catch a fish weighing over 100 kgs. This unique experience is guaranteed by one of Europe's most respected sports fishermen, Jakub Vagner, who is famous for his expertise in catching giant catfish. He has been organising catfish expeditions for 13 years, holds the official world record in the "All-tackle" category of the IGFA organisation and he has hundreds of catfish weighing over 70 kilograms under his belt.

Fish: Location: Duration: Availability: Price:
Wels Catfish Russia, Kazakhstan, Spain, Italy, France, the Czech Republic 7 days March - October from 4 400 € / person see all prices

We offer individual programmes to suit the client:

VIP Trips will adjust the fishing programme to suit your own goals. It is no problem if you wish to catch as many fish as possible, or if you prefer to target a catfish over 80 kgs. Each goal requires a different preparation, site selection and fishing technique, but it is up to you how you wish to experience catching this fascinating predator.  Unlike others we offer a unique individual program that adapts to your specific wishes to fulfill all your fishing dreams.

The expedition will be an unforgettable experience for everyone, not only because of the excitement of fishing for catfish, but also because VIP Fishing Trips specialise in finding places that are not overfished and are rarely frequented because of the difficult terrain. As a result you will see unique places where you would otherwise never go. We have all the necessary fishing equipment to the highest standards, including large boats, which provide a perfect platform for catching large catfish.

Expedition Price for 2011 (7 days of fishing)

1 Person 5 500 /person
2 - 3 Persons 4 900 /person
4 Persons 4 400 /person


The expedition is conducted so as to allow each participant to have the maximum chance of success. For this reason, each expedition is limited to 4 persons, which allows us to guarantee a personal approach to each of the fishermen. We will only increase numbers at the express wish of the client.

The capacity of our boats ensures comfortable fishing conditions even on a multiple-day fishing trip, and because of this, and even in well known locations such as the Ebro or the  Po, we focus on inaccessible and rarely frequented stretches of river. The catfish is primarily a nocturnal predator, but at certain times it can be caught during the day. It is up to you whether you dedicate a whole day to fishing, or whether you choose to go fishing only at night and spend the rest of the day relaxing in a cosy family guesthouse or a hotel.

The expeditions to Spain, Italy, France and the Czech Republic include 7 days fishing, but for Russia and Kazakhstan it is advisable to arrange an individual length of stay. To catch a catfish we recommend at least 5 days of fishing, but our price is for a minimum of ten days, although customised expeditions for longer periods are possible.  


Our clients will enjoy comfortable accommodation at a few selected hotels and family guesthouses in the vicinity of each of our fishing destinations. Rooms are air conditioned and have a private bathroom. If our expedition involves a lot of travelling, there is a spacious cabin boat at our disposal, with a cook on board available for the whole stay to ensure there is enough food and refreshments 24 hours a day. If you are interested, customised menus prior to departure are possible to arrange. For fishing on shore we have all the necessary camping equipment including comfortable tents and cosy camp-beds to sleep on.

Available expedition times:

March - October

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