The Taimen (Hucho taimen), is the world's largest salmon. It lives in the rivers of China, Russia and Mongolia, but due to the pollution of local streams and heavy fishing, it is now extinct in some parts of its original range. Today we only focus on remote parts of Russia and Mongolia, where Taimen populations are still sizeable. Every year we manage to record catches of around 40 kilograms, and VIP Fishing Trips can guarantee a similar experience for you also.

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Our Taimen (Hucho taimen) expedition sets off for Mongolia, where the target location is the Little Jeniseje River basin. This destination is so remote that the effects of civilization have yet to intervene. This is virgin territory, and you will find yourself in a fishing paradise, where, besides the Taimen, you will find other interesting species of fish, such as Lenok, Grayling, Perch and the Amur Pike. Our campsites are situated in wilderness, unaccessible by car, so the last few kilometres will be travelled on  horses or camels.

Fish: Location: Duration: Availability: Price:
Taimen Mongolia min 10 days June - August / October from 7 800 € / person see all prices

We offer individual programmes to suit the client:

Taimen fishing takes place primarily in daylight hours. After breakfast, you will leave the camp accompanied by your guide, returning at dusk, with a warm cabin and prepared dinner waiting for you. Unlike other tour operators, VIP Fishing Trips offers a unique individual program that adapts to the client’s wishes and ideas. It is therefore no problem to organize night fishing that may lead to catching a record specimen. We also offer an   expedition farther from the base camp, lasting several days, camping in the wild. For adventurous fishermen, we offer bellyboat expeditions, where we float and fish in the most interesting and least exploited stretches of the river. Often we go to areas where normally no fishing ever takes place and catch fish that others only dream of. Our clients regularly record catches of 140 cm or more. These trips feature quality camping equipment that is transported either on rafts or on camels or horses.

With our background knowledge, support and service, catching a trophy Taimen is merely a question of your physical shape. We know of huge fish, we know their exact location, and we can lead you to them. After that it depends on your fishing prowess. Do not be concerned, however, because your guide is Jakub Vagner, one of Europe's most renowned fishermen, and a specialist in freshwater giants. You will be sure to catch a Taimen, it is just a matter of how big.

Expedition Price for 2011 (10 days of fishing)

1 - 2 Persons 10 900 /person
3 Persons 9 000 /person
4 Persons 7 800 /person


The expedition is conducted so as to allow each participant to have the maximum chance of success. For this reason, each expedition is limited to 4 persons, which allows us to guarantee a personal approach to each of the fishermen. We will only increase numbers at the express wish of the client.

The price includes local air transportation from Moscow to Moroni, auto transport, hire of horses and camels, 10 days accommodation in a camp, meals, snacks, alcohol and soft drinks, fishing with professional guides, fishing equipment and baits, and licenses. Upon request we can provide a professional video cover of your trip and your fishing exploits.

To catch a trophy fish, we recommend a minimum expedition length of 10 days. The expedition includes 10 days of fishing and 2 days of travelling. Our price is for a minimum of ten days, but customised expeditions for longer periods are possible. The fastest possible transport to the base camp is by helicopter. If you are interested in this transportation we will be happy to provide current information on the price of the flight. Accommodation during the expedition is provided in two or four bed rooms, with a high quality stove, in an isolated cabin. A shower with hot water and a common room are part of the camp. If you are interested in trips away from the base camp, tents and camping equipment are available. Our excellent cook will take care of all the meals and if requested will prepare any local and international dish. If you are interested, customised menus prior to departure are possible to arrange.

Available expedition times:

June - August / October

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