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The largest freshwater fish in the world - we call them the Freshwater Giants !! Pirarucu, Piraiba, Goliath Tigerfish... we have them all !! More than twenty species of freshwater fish on our planet weighing more than 100kgs (220lbs) and attaining lengths of 2mtrs (6 1/2ft).

VIP Fishing are the only fishing outfitters who specialise in these fish, and accompanied by Jakub Vagner, renowned angler of "The Fish Warrior" series on National Geographic TV, we will make your dreams come true !!


In recent years there has been an increased interest in the Freshwater Giants, and they are now becoming more prized by sports fishermen than saltwater predators.       

As a consequence of the huge interest in hunting these fish a new, specialized, group of professional guides has been formed. They are experts on fishing and on the local environment where these unique fish live.

This team of experts has been put together by Jakub Vagner, a world renowned fishing adventurer, who has been seeking out the largest freshwater fish in recent years, many of his expeditions having been shown on a number of TV channels, including the National Geographic Channel.  

VIP Fishing Trips focus on specialized expeditions, targeting the largest fish, located in the farthest corners of the globe, from Asia to Amazonia. Our standard service offers quality rather than quantity, as each year we conduct expeditions with only a few fishermen, to the best locations, and at the right time, to ensure the success of our trips. Several records in the IGFA "All-Tackle" category serve as unmistakable proof of our success.